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I am a professional actress with over 15 years of experience, mainly in theatre. I also have participated in T.V and film productions. I am creative, expressive, and precise. I inquire, through technical and methodological involvement, about the practice of biomechanics and theatrical anthropology, among others. During the last year, I've been practicing with the Headphone Verbatim Technique. 

Nationality: Colombian

Height: 5'2 (1, 57 cms)​

Hair Color: Black

Eyes Color: Brown

T.V Age: Teen, Young Adult, Middle Aged, Senior.

Location: Montreal, QC



N.U.N.S with nunchucks | Lorenzo Gutierrez| 2020

Freeda Davis. Role

Alma de Héroe | Océano Post Digital | 2019

Non- Speaking Role


The Bold Type. Season 4 |415-416/417-418| 2020

Background actress

Sitiados third temporada | Fox Colombia| 2017

Background actress

Teatro de los Acontecimientos | Canal Capital| 2016

Guest speaker


Costuras pa'Destejer| Vale la pena ser callejeras| 2019

Lead Actress. Several characters.

Abanderadas y Cargadores| Vendimia Teatro | 2019

Lead Actress. Character: Pajarita-Chambacú

De pelonas, tilicas y calacas | Vendimia Teatro | 2018

Lead Actres. Character: Tilica

A la Deriva | Vendimia Teatro| 2016

Lead Actress. Character: Mediana

La Daga de Caravaggio | Encanta Arte y Entretenimiento | 2016

Supporting Actress. Character: Cathos


Web Series

Santa Suerte | Unimedios-UNAL Colombia | 2010

Supporting actress.


Training & Workshops

Arabesque Burlesque| Burlesque Beginner | Roxy Torpedo | 2019


Hard Knox Gym | Boxing | Herby Wyne | 2018

Special Skills

I speak Spanish as my first language. I am also fluent in English, and I have a basic domain in French and Portuguese.  

I manage public speaking techniques, television and radio presentations. Podcasting.

I have had experience as a singer. My pitch range is mezzo-soprano.

I know ballet basics and I have experience with folk Colombian dances.


I love swimming, skating, reading, and singing. During the last six months, I have been discovering boxing. I also enjoy writing stories,  theatre, and essays.

Photo by Lalopez
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