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Teaching Assistant/  Winter 2024

Theatre and the City, Theater Department, Concordia University

Prof. Kevin Pinvidic

Teaching Assistant/ Fall 2022- 2023/ Winter 2023-2024 

Communication studies, Faculty of Fine Arts, Concordia University

Prof. Yassin Alsalman


Research Assistant and Performer/ September- December 2023 

"Llamado y respuesta: ¿Quién escucha César?

Acts of Listening Lab, Concordia University

Dr. Luis Carlos Sotelo Castro/Coro A La Escucha


Research Assistant / February- December 2022 

Preventive health techniques for the performer of painful narratives 

Acts of Listening Lab, Concordia University

Dr. Emily Coffey/Dr. Luis Carlos Sotelo Castro 


Teaching Assistant/  Feb-April 2022

The Actors Profession, Theater Department, Concordia University

Prof. Noah Drew


Theater teacher/ March/December 2022

Legados Institut Latino-Américain de transmission de la langue et de la culture

Coord. Mariana Marín


Workshop facilitator/ January 24-29, 2022

Creation, Practice, and Somatics: principles and methodologies

Dr. Natalia Marín Ruiz/ El Bosque University, Bogotá, COL


Teaching Assistant / Fall 2021

Somatics and Activism, Theater Department, Concordia University, Prof. Erin Flynn


Research Assistant and performer / Oct. 2020 to Dec. 2021

Engaging performance audiences as listeners of a restorative justice process

Acts of Listening Lab, Conocrdia University

Dr. Luis Carlos Sotelo Castro


Peer Reviewer/ December 15, 2021

Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia-UNAD/ Bogotá-COL

Dr. Juan Sebastián Chiriví Salomón


Assistant Professor/2015-2019

District University, Faculty of Arts ASAB

Dr. Sandro Romero Rey

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