Alejandra (1986) is a Colombian student in the Ph.D. Individualized program in Humanities at Concordia University. She holds a B.A. in performing arts and an M.A. in theater and live arts from the National University of Colombia.

For 14 years, Ale has been an actress, trainer, and board member of the group Vendimia Teatro. Also,  she has been a co-creator and active participant in the feminist theatre collective “Vale la Pena ser Callejeras” since 2019. She worked as Assistant Professor in the Performing Arts program in the Faculty of Arts ASAB- Universidad Distrital.


Currently, she is a board member of Teesri Duniya Theatre. Editor and workshop organizer at Kodama Cartonera.

Tiohtiâke, Montreal-based since 2019.


The experience of belonging to a street theater collective in Bogota inspired me to inquiry, through a technical and methodological involvement, about the practice of biomechanics and theatrical anthropology, among others. In this way, the relationship between body and sensoriality has been crucial to my research in embodied practices. I contribute from my experience in a doing-feeling-thinking.


Mainly, I investigate in the street or the public space through different practices: actions in public transport, walks, interventions, drifts. I learn about data management.


With these tools, I would like to investigate the concept of locality. What is the meaning of local in urban spaces? What are the challenges for a body to be, seem, and become local?