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Alejandra (1986) is an actress, artist and educator, developing her Ph.D. studies in Humanities in the Individualized program at Concordia University. She holds a B.A. in performing arts and an M.A. in theatre and live arts from the National University of Colombia. She is interested in creative, transformative and communal experiences that address critical intersectional concerns. Based in Tiohtiâke-Montreal since 2019.

For over fifteen years, she has been part of Vendimia Teatro and has participated in several theatrical and audiovisual productions. In Colombia, she is part of the research group: "Estudios de la voz y la palabra" in the Arts Faculty ASAB-Universidad Distrital.


Currently, she is a board member of Teesri Duniya Theatre. Editor and workshop organizer at Kodama Cartonera.

She is affiliated with Hexagram, Milieux-LeParc, COHDS, ALLab, and SenseLab-3e at Concordia University. 


  • Due to my experience in different theatre troupes, I learnt about practices focused on developing research and creative processes for, in, and within public spaces and non-conventional stages.

  • I delve into streets through performative, somatic, and (an) archival approaches. 

  • Doing-feeling-thinking: my research stems from embodied practices as a source of knowledge. 

  • Affections and moves

  • I stand for self-publishing and maker spaces. 

  • I am learning about process philosophy and the poetics of relation.

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